March Events! LA Invasion! Artcore! Trust!


On Saturday, March 31, be sure to check out Ed Colver, one of the titans of photo-punks, who will also be joining Brian Bannon from JFA, Mike Watt of Minutemen (who will be gigging at 6 PM after the discussion), Ronnie Barnett of the Muffs, Chip Kinman of the Dils, Ben Merlis of Fields of Fire, Mish Bondage of Sado-Nation, Jimmy Alvarado of La Tuya and the zine Razorcake, and Christian Kidd of the Hates for a discussion of poetics, politics, the legacy of D. Boon, and punk conscience at Pop Obscure Records in Los Angeles!  5 PM, FREE, All Ages, be there! 735 S Los Angeles St, Los Angeles, CA, (213) 628-3898! I am psyched to host the one-of-a-kind event!


Thank you to Andre and Dolf Hermannstädter at Trust, the legendary, cool, long-running German zine, for running a full page version of my photograph of Texacala Jones (Tex and the Horseheads!) live in Austin at Carousel Lounge last fall for our Women in Punk event! Issue No. 188, Feb/March 2018.


Also, the after-party for the Pop Obscure Records whirlwind event will take place at Cafe NELA in Cypress Park, where I will be playing drums for the Hates, who have been shredding punk and hardcore with a vengeance since the late-1980s in Houston, TX. Plus, I will behind the kit for Mish Bondage and the Blokes, who will be unleashing the classic punk assault of Portland icons Sado-Nation — including tunes like “Fear of Failure,” which were once found on Mystic Records compilations.


Next, thank you to Welly at Artcore for running my four-page interview with Pat Doyle of Offenders in Issue #37: the super-detailed, lengthy conversation is a tribute piece to singer JJ Jacobson, who died tragically just a few months ago, and the layout is rife with rare photographs by the likes of Geoff Cordner and also highlights eye-gobbling posters/flyers — the museum of the punk streets.

Lastly, on the morning of Sat. March 31 at UCLA in Los Angeles, I will be speaking at the 2018 annual American Comparative Literature Conference at 10:30 in the seminar “’Stay woke’: The Politics of Protest Songs.”  In the 20-minute presentation, I will unveil “Germs-filled Adolescence: Hardcore Punk’s Politicization of the American Neighborhood.” It is a folklore-based view of how punk transformed American communities through informal DIY, peer-to-peer networks, which democratized music communities.