Visual Vitriol hosts 2012 Winter Party in Houston!


To kick-start 2012 and chase away the winter blues, Visual Vitriol author David Ensminger is hosting a South Punk explosion, with bands zooming in from San Antonio (Say Revenge!), Dallas (Here Holy Spain), Missouri (Molotov Latte), and New Orleans (Opposable Thumbs and Sparrowhawk), who will be sharing the stage with zealous locals like the Biscuit Bombs (featuring guest members from Really Red, Anarchitex, London Girl, and more), No Love Less (half of the Mydolls), Busy Kids, The Drafted, Vivian Pikkles, Jealous Creatures, and maybe others! The Friday night proceeds will benefit the legacy of Esme Barrera, our ally in Austin, who was killed recently. One extinguished light dims us all. We will not forget her: walk together, rock together, and defend the night together! No justice, no peace. The events will likely start at 7:00 and cost approx $10.00! Super Happy Funland, 3801 Polk Street  Houston, TX 77003-4837,  713 – 880-2100.

Punk in the Academy: Emails to a Journalist, Reconstructed

author David Ensminger, 1989, Machesney Park, IL

Leon Neyfakh, a vivid writer for the Boston Globe, recently tracked me down to discuss “punkademia” and the irony of studying a slippery group of rebellious people who often distrust academic aims, institutions, and language. I was deeply intrigued by the concept, and I think he navigated the issues wisely, starting out with his own perspective and experience discovering a punk rock graduate student in his midst during his keen school years. In the piece, which can be read here, he highlights new and old punk academic texts and speaks to a few key people working to explore the complex discourse and cultural history of punk, like the eminent writer Alex Ogg. Below, I am offering up meaningful portions of my emails with Neyfakh, for I think my own blurbs warrant further context. I offer no complaints. He dealt with my insight in a quite balanced and fair form.

For those Visual Vitriol readers who might also wonder about the topic too, I simply wanted to add clarity and depth. In the pursuit of transparency and a sense of immediacy, I tried to present my text below in a format akin to the actual email transcripts.  Also, this does not employ straight argumentative aims – my logic is circular,  de-centered, and conversational. This is the ‘way of the blog.’

There’s Gonna Be a Blackout in the Academy Tonight!

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