Visual Vitriol: The Eugene Exhibition!

Here are some photos and original news release for the Eugene show, which is being presented throughout March, 2008. During the opening night on Friday, the 7th, over 650 people waded through the warehouse style punk flyer collection during Art Walk. On Saturday, the punk panel discussion featuring punks and academics drew a full room of 50 people, who viewed the debut of the DIY documentary film Chronicles from the Zero Hour, described below.

In addition, we were able to raise $120.00 for the family of MIA lead singer Mike Conley, who died earlier in the week in Chicago. See here for his memorial page:

University of Oregon Folklore graduate student David Ensminger, with the support of the program, is curating an extensive collection of punk poster and flyers (known as urban folk art, instant Xerox art, and street style vernacular expressions) in the large gallery space at DIVA, in downtown Eugene . The main room exhibition will also feature potent photography and ephemera culled from punk archives and a looped, original documentary video made by Ensminger and Ashley Gossman. The exhibition content focuses on Do-It-Yourself, often handmade posters that will survey over 30 years of subculture history. Featuring a broad range of work from North America, Europe, and Asia, the exhibition will also focus on the often ignored contributions of women, gays and lesbians, and people of color in punk.

See our section on women in punk here:

Also, Jeff Nelson, drummer for Minor Threat , 3, and Senator Flux, who also co-owns Dischord Records, donated over 250 posters to the effort. 50 of these black and white copies from the early harDCore era were highlighted, see here:

Similar exhibitions have been shown in Santa Fe, Portland, Salem, Houston, across Western Europe (both England and the continent), and even Budapest and Bangkok. Please check out our temporary web page, dedicated to the collection, here: . Ensminger hopes to catalog these items in a permanent punk art and culture archive soon while currently writing a book on the subject and presenting the material at a folklore conference in April in Davis, California.

Contact Info:
David Ensminger

Special Events:

Punk Roundtable Discussion, March 8th, 7-9 PM.

“Punk and DIY Culture: Then and Now.”

David Ensminger will be hosting a free roundtable discussion about punk as a historic DIY subculture, featuring a number of key national and local participants, incuding Roxy from the Epoxies (Portland), Tim Hinely from Dagger fanzine (Philadelphia and Portland), Bruce Hartnell from the Detonators (L.A. and Eugene), Colin Sears of Dag Nasty (Washington DC), and Karen McFarlane from the Funhouse Strippers (San Francisco and Salem) who will join University of Oregon folklore faculty members John Fenn and Daniel Wojcik. During the same session a short film, “Chronicles from the Zero Hour: The Punk Legacy,” will be screened, which is an all-original film co-produced by David Ensminger that highlights interviews with members of MDC, Chumbawamba, Strike Anywhere, Lifetime/Paint it Black, The Epoxies, Dag Nasty/Alloy, and contains live footage of TSOL and the Circle Jerks.

See the vitrine display entitled Stark and Severe, featuring inconic black and white punk art for records, tapes, CDs, and fanzines here:

DIY WORKSHOP 2-5 PM March 8th

Celebrating DIY Culture, with Hands-On Activities

Kelsey Wallace will provide felt, fabric, scissors, and thread to illustrate how to make/modify clothes while also exploring other sorts of fun and empowering DIY fabric art.

David Gracon will discuss and present zines and materials (like a short film on zines and plenty of paper and markers) to help facilitate people’s zine pages, which can be made on site.

Andre Sirois will highlight “turntablism/mixology” and talk with people about cut and mix DJ culture and the idea of reappropriating music through DJ-ing.

Nate Wallace and/or his roommate Eric Eiden will be there with some instruments from the Buy and Sell Center (where they are employed) to explore DIY music and production. Recording equipment will be provided on site too.

Others will explore video recording equipment and guide topics and hands-on advice on documentary films and filmmaking.

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