Spring and Summer Vitriol Events!

Visual Vitriol’s “The Politics of Punk” will be on display throughout July, by David Ensminger using remnants of David Bowie LP inserts, Polish “The Birds” poster, and Nebula album art photocopy cut-outs


JUNE 2012 UPDATE — Be Sure to read David Ensminger’s Top Twenty All-Girl Punk Bands list, found in the June 23rd edition of Popmatters.

Spring and Summer of 2012 will be very eventful. In July, folklorist Nathan Moore will be joining David Ensminger in co-curating a punk flyer exhibit at the worker-run, vegan, counterculture Red and Black Cafe in Portland. The opening night events are to be scheduled soon. Visual Vitriol recently had reviews (thank you, writers!) featured in Trust, Dagger, and the excellent Roctober.

Ensminger’s interview with The Faith and Agent Orange can be found in the spring edition of Artcore, while an interview with Ensminger, by Osa Atoe, can be found in June 2012 edition of Maximum RocknRoll. A vivid, savvy, and elastic overview/review of Visual Vitriol was just published on-line by the keen Scanner zine too in mid-May.

David Ensminger’s latest book, Left of the Dial, featuring interviews with punk legends from The Dils, Minutemen, Black Flag, Dicks, Articles of Faith, Dead Kennedys, and many more will be published in Dec. 2012 from PM Press.

The season starts, though, with a gig in Baytown on May 12, when writer David Ensminger will be debuting the new version of his band No Love Less to the “chemical alley” crowds.  Drummer Bob Weber, formerly of Texas icons Really Red, will be joining the band on stage for upcoming, and as always, Trish Herrera and Diana Ray of the Mydolls will be providing the art-punk ruckus. A flyer of the Mydolls from 1983, made by Herrera, can be found reproduced in beautiful full-size color in the March issue of Art in Print, in a history of Xerox art written by Ensminger. The show be at Cornerstone, 701 W Sterling St.  Baytown, TX 77520. NLL will hit the stage at 9:00 PM.

Flyer by David Ensminger, using a photo of Guitar Wolf shot by Timothy O’brien

The next week, on May 19, No Love Less will be appearing at Super Happy Funland in Houston, TX, 3801 Polk Street. Houston TX 77003 (713)880-2100, with a variety of punk bands from the region, including many female rockers (Zipperneck, The Shadow, Lazer Cuntzz).

By David Ensminger, using an upcycled Youth Brigade flyer (2009) and Inquisition flyer (1990s)