Summer 2014 updates! New Gary Floyd date!

davidpromo4First, I hope summer is unleashing its potential in your life, like an ongoing revolution of self-determination!

Tomorrow I will be appearing at the Mudlark Theater in New Orleans, where I will be showing an exhibit of punk photographs, plus projecting many more on stage, as well as unleashing/screening my documentary Chronicles from the Zero Hour, featuring an iconic collection of faces, including members of MDC, Chumbawamba, Strike Anywhere, Dag Nasty and more. The event is a fundraiser, so please be sure to spread the word, virally, quick-as-can-be.

mudlarkOsa Atoe interviewed me for the terrific local monthly paper Antigravity, and you can view the PDF of the entire issue here! It features my photos of MDC, Mydolls, Suicidal Tendencies, DOA, and more!

Peter Case and I just submitted our poetry anthology Subterranean Hum to the printers yesterday, so look for it to be available soon via usual on-line outlets like Amazon, any stops where he or I tour, and hopefully some indie bookstores near you! We extended it beyond 100 pages and redesigned the interior, so it’s really evocative and alluring, I hope!

My previous academic article examining the traditions and issues concerning black punk rock performances and representation has been made more easily available on-line, so in case you cannot buy Visual Vitriol, which recycled it for a chapter, you can now find it here. Just scroll down to find it or search for my name.

MavericksSound3My new book Mavericks of Sound, featuring everyone from the Swans and Yo La Tengo to Radio Birdman and Pere Ubu, will be published by Rowman and Littlefield in Sept., so please alert your local library if the hardcover cost is a bit too steep for your habits.

Lastly, Gary Floyd (the Dicks, Sister Double Happiness, Black Kali Ma) and I will be appearing together at Cactus Records (check out the flyer I made!) on July 25th to celebrate my book Left of the Dial, DJ some of our fave records from the store, and discuss our upcoming biography of Gary, which should be finished by September.

garyjulycorrectPS. I am 200 pages into my new book examining the politics and culture of punk, including its history of humanitarian outreach, the blurred line between sex culture and punk communities, the scenes of Washington DC and San Francisco, and the impact of punk on the Deaf community…More soon!