May Updates! Benefits! Books! Punk to the People!


Hello crews, readers, punk peeps, academics, etc., the spring has been a time of intense work, action, and praxis, so I am proud to announce several new articles, undertakings, and goings-on that should intrigue at least some of you.

First, my tribute to Randy “Biscuit” Turner is now OUT! It features two essays by me, one about the history of Austin punk by Biscuit, absolute TONS of his paper art, letters, flyers, and lyrics, rare and previously unpublished photos by Ken Hoge, Ben DeSoto, Ken Hoge, and others, fanzine clippings, and memories by members of MDC, Dicks, Swine King, Articles of Faith, Hickoids, Doomsday Massacre, Swiz, Manumission, Four Letter Word, Really Red, and more!

The official release party will be held Wired-Up: Modern Conveniences located in the heart of Montrose, Biscuit’s favorite neighborhood in Houston, and will also feature members of Mydolls and Really Red, who will have CD, T-shirts, and vinyl to sign/sell . Portion of proceeds will benefit John Reen Davis of Anarchitex and Happy Fingers Institute (plus longtime Big Boys fan) recently classified as Autistic, Level 1, who is experiencing financial hardship as he navigates legal and government bureaucracies. Punk to the people! Postage paid anywhere in the U.S. for $13.00. Contact me via: for info. Limited edition: 400 copies.


Following up on my punk garage sale/market to benefit the chemo/radiation treatment of Christian Kidd, who has bren raging on the streets of this humid city since 1978 and wearing his mohawk loud and proud for thirty years, I will be hosting and performing in a mammoth tribute and fundraiser for his tongue cancer treatment featuring Hallowbody (former Academy Black, Zipperneck), No Love Less (half of Mydolls), U.Y.U.S., and the All-Star Punk Squad featuring Beau Beasley singing the Hates, Allison Gibson singing L7,  Melissa Waters singing Big Boys and Roky Erickson, Bill De Gidio Bill De Gideo (of the Pagans!) playing Dead Boys guitar, Lisa Fer singing DI and the Ramones, Christi Workman singing the Misfits, the Fall, and Dead Boys, J.R. Delgado singing Party Owls and more, Gina Miller of the Magnetic 4 and Kimonos singing The Sonics and Berlin! And other guests too! Auctions! Punk memorabilia! $10.00, Rudyards, May 21!

Much thanks to writer Jeff Ihaza and website for publishing my brief commentary on how the nature of streaming music (playlists, curated iRadio stations, etc) is contributing to the return of a jukebox-style short sharp potent song format! Technological determinism and cultural urgency have always fascinated me!

I don’t often get mentioned in the same article as Grammy winners, but here is my take on the DIY hip hop/punk connection! Thanks to Tom Barnes and for reaching out to me to discuss the power of music to transform conversations, politics, star power, and communities…Read it here.


For those of you keen on the history of Arizona/San Francisco punk, subversion gone amok, and Situationism in the modern era, plus the career of pioneering black punk D.H. Peligro of the Dead Kennedys (!!!!!) you MUST read my new interview with the Feederz, released on none other than May Day! They have a new single out! The piece was published on the website of Razorcake (who is also publishing a print version of my interview with Mia d’Bruzzi of Frightwig soon!) and can be read here.

Looking ahead, I will be also publishing interviews with Mike Watt and John Doe in Houston Press during the second half of May!

I hope anyone who has ever read a DIY zine, been part of the underground punk and indie network, or knows anyone with Autism, Level 1, will check out my interview with Joe Biel of Microcosm (who published Out of the Basement, my look at Rockford, IL’s underground DIY scene, a towering figure in the Net generation publishing industry whose memoir Good Trouble delves deep into the life and times of diffability too. Thank you Tim Hinely too at Dagger! Read it here.

Speaking of, thanks a million to Juxtapoz magazine website and writer Iqvinder Singh for running a succinct, cogent review of my book Out of the Basement and featuring a gallery of images: the lead photo is RIP brother “Buzzsaw,” our rust belt punk poet Chris Gaffney! We miss you, hell raiser! The images are high resolution, so they may take a minute to load! Check it out here

My new book on women in punk is currently at designer Sonny Kay’s (GSL Records!) place, getting its shape and style! My current title is: Distort Me Deadly: An Imperfect, Incomplete, and Short Guide to Women in Punk by a Cis-Gendered Male.

By the way, if you have a moment, you may enjoy this piece I penned about my band’s new single: Now is the Future! No Love Less, featuring members of Mydolls, the Drafted, and the Hates, are bored of boredom, apathy, snarkiness, despair, the vacuous merchants of hip, the sleaze called business, the borders and boundaries of one-dimensional people and policed genres, the public milliseconds of infamy, the tattered democracy you doubt but we embrace like a super-heated engine, the lame pretense of knowing it all, the fake “sky is falling” outcries compared to the real craziness and injustice in a world gone mad, the glaze of rock’n’roll dumbness, the whole mockery of why punk began and still boils, the sham behind fake news, fake science, fake citizenship … By the way, this is our new video. We have tunes burning in us, ready to explode like Roman candles.