Visual Vitriol Celebrates 10 Years of Punk Poster Tours!

Visual Vitriol is proud to show you flyers that capture our tour stops over the past decade, ranging from shows in England, which were handled with the band Four Letter Word (formerly of BYO Records), led by singer Welly, who also edits the long-running Artcore zine, one of the finest in the world. This show flyer from TJ’s in Newport is a nice style borrowed from Raymond Pettibon’s iconic Black Flag era images. Below you find a poster from our first show in Lyon, France in 2004, which the band Retisonic played, featuring former Swiz and Blue Tip singer/guitarist Jason Farrell, a fine Dischord Records designer himself. This poster was made by Remi of Modern City Records, who recently released the double LP by the Texas Biscuit Bombs and Cargo Cult.

The next image gives you a preview of David Ensminger’s book Visual Vitriol, which is due out in July 2011 from the University of Mississippi Press. It will contain over 100 images and 300 pages of text, including not only an overview of punk flyers but graffiti and stencils as well. The book also extensively covers subcultures such as gay and lesbians, women, and people of color in punk and hardcore from 1976-2010 — quite a survey! Interviews include an array of new and old school participants, including no less than members of Hickoids, Plimsouls/Nerves, MDC, Nuns, Dils, Pere Ubu, TSOL, the Damned, Strike Anywhere, the Swans, All/Descendents, Channel 3, and many many others!

The flyer below previewed our show in Brighton, England, where we set up flyers in the second floor lounge of the Free Butt, where a DJ spun classic punk records until the band and poster supporters rushed out to the Punker Bunker record shop, a great dense local den of items.