March Updates!

10649648_815588148525100_6796715646734722610_nHello Everyone! I hope March has not blown into your life with gale force winds! If you happen to be near Philadelphia, please stop by the Rotunda on Sunday for an incredible event. Thanks to Kelsey Cloonan, I have been invited to speak at an intriguing, punk-as-multicultural global milieu at the Univ. of Pennsylvania, joined by other academics and icons like Martin Sorrenguy of Limp Wrist/Los Crudos, punk academics, zinesters, activists, rockers, students, misfits and outsiders, queer rebels, film and media street guerrillas, and more! This should be an engaging, insightful, and frenetic affair that examines worldwide punk spheres, communities, and issues!

Last weekend I made a hustle and bustle trip through the Midwest visiting family and researching WWII POW camps in the small towns dotting IL. Soon, I will be updating my blog on the subject with intriguing new materials gathered during that time. 11018866_807323629351552_6362010489574644115_nI was able to stop by Kate’s Pie Shop and Records too for browsing, discussions, and meeting old friends I had not seen in twenty years. The shop mixed sweets and vinyl with aplomb as I DJ’d tunes by the Dicks, Really Red, and some locals! Speaking of the Dicks, I just discussed a new project with Gary Floyd today, which sounds very, very promising. I can’t reveal any details yet.

While zooming down the flatlands of the corn field state, I also published an interview back in Texas in the Houston Press with noted hardcore punk veteran Bob Suren, best known as the fellow behind Sound Idea distro and the Florida based underground heroes Failure Face and more. Be sure to check out his new book about the frenzy and obsession of record collecting, which is discussed in my long interview with him here.

Lastly, my new book project, Protest and Survive: the Politics of Punk, has been ACCEPTED by the publisher that handled my book Mavericks, Rowman and Littlefield. The next and final draft is due July 1st, and at 300 pages, it is bound to catch people’s attention. As I tweak and work on the manuscript’s structure, I will reveal more!