Late Summer 2013 Updates!

The summer has been very eventful for the Center for Punk Arts, especially July, when I set up a quick “flash” fundraiser for queer blues-punk icon Gary Floyd of The Dicks, Sister Double Happiness, and Black Kali Ma, who is undergoing knee surgeries and dealing with an eviction notice at the same time.  Newcomers Talk Sick Brats and Ex Girlfriends joined punk veterans Beatless to play for a raucous, sweat-drenched crowd at Sound Exchange (thank you too fellows!), which together with an auction of books, photos, and Gary Floyd art raised $600.00. On related news, I am finishing edits on my Gary Floyd co-written biography, which we will likely self-publish within the next month or so after being rejected by a number of publishers unwilling to support one of punk’s greatest icons.


Next, I’d like to announce some upcoming Fall dates. First, I should be appearing at Houston Zine Fest 2013 as part of a panel discussion at the Museum of Printing History on Saturday, October 12 3-8pm, especially regarding the digital archiving of my old fanzines and magazines, released last year by BiblioBoard as the Punk and Indie Compendium. To read a brand new article about the Biblioboard project in general, which mentions my efforts, read this great piece in the Library Journal.

I am also slated to appear at the Texas Book Festival, sometime during Oct. 26-27. More details will be forthcoming.

In regards to my newest books, an array or reviews have appeared the past few months, so below I will provide links to each.

My book Visual Vitriol has become a centerpiece of an article discussing the links between academics and punk, just published by the journal American Studies. The article is titled “Punkademia,” by Maria Elena Buszek,and unfortunately can only be accessed via research databases, but you can see a snippet and read the “abstract” here.

From Baltimore, Blake Underwood penned this huge, excellent review focusing on my style, content issues, and political/cultural angles. Read his piece in Indyreader.

Another short but very exciting, eyes-on-the-prize review was also just featured in the long-running indie favorite Roctober.

Adam Ellsworth’s fine piece focused on my underlying philosophy and approaches in Arts Fuse.

Lastly, veteran LA punk John L. Murphy did catch a few typos but overall lauded the book’s “punk-as-folk-music?” ethos in Popmatters.


In mid-July, I ventured to Austin for a quick meet and greet (thank you Austin 360 for the coverage), and met some readers and fans interested in not only Left of the Dial but Barred for Life too, the Black Flag tattoo fan culture book I edited.

Also, I have also begun editing the first 50 pages of the MDC biography with Dave Dictor and Ron Posner. This project is ongoing, but we hope to gather enough text, photos, and flyers for a release in the not too distant future. I was able to spend a day with them in June, when they shredded Houston ear lobes in the suffocating heat. I will update this post as new information gathers steam.

MDC at Walters in Houston, TX, June 2013, by David Ensminger

MDC at Walters in Houston, TX, June 2013, by David Ensminger


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