More Media Activities for the Center for Punk Arts

As of lately, the collection, spread over a dozen blogs and digital archives (“museums without walls”), has been continuously accessed by thousands of users. Lately, I have also mined the collection to help recent exhibitions, including a San Antonio-area punk visual history display (coordinated with cohorts) for a Sex Pistols at Randy’s Rodeo anniversary show at the South Texas Popular Cultural Center, which is featured from Jan. – Feb. 2013. Next, I will be using key pieces from the archives created by notorious funk-punk and visionary DIY art hero Randy “Biscuit” Turner, including a large mixed media assemblage piece in addition to works on paper, for a retrospective of his work throughout March at the South Austin Popular Culture.

In addition, selections from the collection have also been tapped by the Austin Monthly for a future journalistic piece on Austin clubs of the 1980s and by record labels seeking to release material from Texas punk pioneers Really Red and the Big Boys in the upcoming year. Material is also regularly distributed to researchers at college and universities, including professors and students working on labor-punk links (Univ. of Oregon), the Deaf Cub (Art Institute of San Francisco), East Asian metal-punk history and theoretical evaluation (Monash, Indonesia), and punk visual culture memes (Champlain College, Vermont).

As always, I am indebted to Welly from Artcore zine, singer for the band Four Letter Word, and a keen-eyed designer, for publishing my interview with members of the Mydolls and Really Red in Issue No. 30, still available. So, buy a copy now, and enjoy Welly’s excellent taste in cutting edge new underground music and reverence for a shared punk heritage.

Layout 1

I recently created an App too — a compiled anthology of my zine Left of the Dial, featuring material that will not be reprinted in the Left of the Dial: Conversations with Punk Icons book to be released this spring by PM Press. This collection contains archives stretching back to my earliest involvement in punk media in the Midwest during the mid-1980s. The App can be purchased from BiblioLab on iTunes for your mobile devices, or you can enjoy the BETA version, linked and described below.

The Punk and Indie Rock Compendium: A comprehensive collection of underground and indie rock culled from Left of the Dial fanzine spanning 1988-2012!

The collection, spanning over 250 curated items, stems from the collection of writer, musician, and editor David Ensminger, who published the well-regarded, close-to-the-ground, interview-heavy Left of the Dial magazine from 2000-2005. Ensminger has produced fanzines since the mid-1980s and written for assorted academic and pop culture presses ranging from Postmodern Culture and the Journal of Popular Music Studies to Maximum RocknRoll, Trust, Houston Press, Popmatters, Artcore, and many others. This collection highlights his interviews with seminal Punk and Indie rock bands spanning four decades, including Rob Younger (Radio Birdman), Channel 3, the Adolescents, Apples in Stereo, The Clean, the Waterboys, The Hives, and other key acts. This material is culled from the raw files of Left of the Dial, deep in the archives, sometimes including even pre-production print outs, with mistakes intact. Some of the art has been revamped and re-imagined, while a handful of interviews were previously unreleased or only available for a short time on a currently defunct blog. In addition, the anthology also contains two complete fanzines from the 1980s (No Deposit No Return), original unpublished ephemera, poetic broadsides, personal letters and mailings, videos, and a smattering of album reviews as well. Lastly, rich historical photographs by Ensminger and Houston photographer Ben DeSoto provocatively capture the spirit of the genres as well. As a bonus, music tracks featuring Ensminger are also included, revealing his own spirited participation in the underground musical movements. Click for BETA version.

Next, to read my review and see vivid pics of a stupendous and seething Youth Brigade and Adolescents show at Fitzgeralds in Houston, TX on Jan. 30th, simply click here.

Youth Brigade, 30 Jan. 2012

Youth Brigade, 30 Jan. 2012

Lastly, thanks much to Prof. Daniel Wojcik, my mentor at the Univ. of Oregon, for alerting me to this review of Visual Vitriol, found in this month’s Raw Vision magazine, which is dedicated to outsider and visionary art! Being mentioned alongside Japanese art brut is very exciting.

Visual Vitriol review in Raw Vision

Visual Vitriol review in Raw Vision


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