Visual Vitriol in New Orleans Oct. 8th!

Thanks to those of you living in the Gulf Coast and deep South that swung by the Bywater neighborhood in New Orleans on Oct. 8th to see the one-night ‘flash art’  Visual Vitriol poster show at Trouser House, co-sponsored by Osa of the No More Fiction collective.   Nervous Juvenile and Sparrowhawk rocked the crowd nearly into the midnight hour, and due to the local art walk and nearby galleries (and beer and sidewalk eats) , tons of people swept through the space. We were able to chat with folks that immigrated from Texas, Oregon, Wisconsin, the Carolinas, Virginia, and other disparate locales to the Big Easy. The distinctly southern city is throbbing and thriving right now, and we appreciate all the efforts of people to celebrate and preserve traditions, local community activism, and touring shows like Vitriol. You can read the blurb for the exhibit in the Times-Picayune here, and my interview in the NOLA Defender here. Please scan the photos below to enjoy the works we highlighted in the antique home.

Trouser House

David in back room of Trouser House

Julie in front room of Trouser House


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