We Make Party/Visual Vitriol Invades Austin Corn Lover’s Fiesta!

After the successful defeat of boredom and ennui in Houston and San Antonio, the fun fun fun ideology crue is setting up shop in Austin for one-night, delivering a ribald and rocking tribute to Randy “Biscuit” Turner of the Big Boys, Cargo Cult, Swine King, and Texas Biscuit Bombs. Known as the purveyor of candy-colored freedom and carnival-style mayhem, Biscuit will be heralded and worshipped right on the fertile soil of his elected hometown.

Saturday Sept 9th at Trophy’s will be ground zero for the informal tribute to the madmen and genius. Check out what host Jeff Smith, the careening front man for the Hickoids, has lined-up for the evening:

El Pathos opens the show. This new band is fronted by David “Nobody” Duet, punk rock celebrity and former front man of the Punk Flamingos and Seattle moto-garage rock band Catbutt, who did a couple of records for Sub Pop. They’ll be followed by Brian Curley’s 27 Devils Joking, a reincarnation of the act Brian helmed for a decade plus in Santa Fe that play a psychedelic yet concise brand of punk rock. The Texas Biscuit Bombs will be celebrating the Austin release of a new double album compiled by David Ensminger of the bands’ archived recordings with Biscuit (and super-rare demos of Cargo Cult), recently issued by French label Modern City Records. The band performs an energetic set full of Lone Star-centric punk sing-a-long favorites and encourages audience participation….warm up your pipes! I suspect the Hickoids will leave the cow part of the equation in the barn for this set and concentrate on some of the more frenetic and disused pieces from our repertoire. The cocaine and bondage inspired sounds of Houston’s Poor Dumb Bastards will finish the night, sure to prove once more that you can’t take the taste out of tasteless.

For more Biscuit art, go to:



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