We Make Party Invades San Antonio

Although San Antonio always seems to exude some weird voodoo for Visual Vitriol (like broken cold showers at 3 a.m. hotels, gas pumps with non-working buttons, etc), We Make Party made sure to throw down a feisty hoedown in honor of Randy “Biscuit” Turner, who died five years ago. Although Biscuit frequented Tacoland (RIP!), we made Nightrocker Live our headquarters. Here are some shots that capture the body electric spirit of the evening, in a club that felt like a dry sauna on overdrive, with people jumping on and off stage in a Budweiser haze of singalong fun fun fun ideology. Photos by Linda, Trish, and David!

Torry and Bob from Anarchitex, post-Mexican food melee!

Mr. Suave, Jeff Smith of Saustex Media!

Trish of the Mydolls brandishes a hand gun: "The John Waynes shot 'em dead!"

Linda from the Mydolls reminds us that radios make sad lovers!

Visual Vitriol and Biscuit Bombs boy David Ensminger yelling back-ups on "Prostitution" by Really Red, with R Red drummer Bob Weber tossing down beats

Texas punk veteran Jeff Smith from the Hickoids, Bang Gang, and Gay Sportscasters debriefs the crowd with a rousing version of Dirty Water

The Jocks unleash their special debauchery, in limber garage punk style

John of Anarchitex attacks the mic with feverish art-bomb squawks


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