Visual Vitriol/We Make Party heads to San Antonio!

After a total success in Houston uniting generations of punk and indie fans to honor the life and work of Biscuit of the Big Boys, Visual Vitriol is heading to San Antonio for a Sept 11th show at Nightrider, made possible by Jeff Smith of the Hickoids, who created this fine flyer above. In addition to the ribald ruckus of Gay Sportscasters, featuring a rogues gallery of Austin/San Antonio musical misfits, the event will feature a record release party by the Biscuit Bombs as well, freshly stocked with their double LP from Modern City Records featuring Biscuit galore: live and studio tracks by the Biscuit Bombs, and unreleased demos from Biscuit’s 1980’s rock opus masters Cargo Cult (formerly on Touch and Go). Also on board for the twilight tangles are older art rock veterans from ozone city — the Mydolls, the infamous almost all girl post-punk style makers, and Anarchitex, who use shades of the Fall mixed with homegrown frazzle and anti-funk to create terrible beauty, all held together by the former drummer of Really Red. Local aggro rockers The Jocks have also joined the bill, making the night a regional firestorm. Dozens of old school punk flyers will also be displayed, to celebrate both Biscuit and the DIY ambitions of the punk generation.

Check out

See a gallery of images below for the Sept 3rd Rudyards set in Houston!

John from Anarchitex joins the Biscuit Bombs for Really Red's I Was a Teenage Fuck-Up

The Hates bring back the the ozone city fury!

After a hiatus and motherhood, the Kimonos sneak attack!

Trish from the Mydolls rattles and rolls!

Born Liars, always a ruckus and riot!

Bass in your face Mel Hell and Zipperneck!

Foul and frenetic, the Gay Sportscasters


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