Visual Vitriol Texas Tour to Honor Biscuit!!

To mark the fifth anniversary of the death of Texas hero Randy “Biscuit” Turner — the infamous punk-funker from the Big Boys (who stole the soul and placed it smack in the middle of hardcore punk), heavy rockers with an avant-garde edge Cargo Cult, and the whacked eccentricities of Swine King, not to mention his last feisty bouts with Texas Biscuit Bombs/Slurpees — David Ensminger will be presenting a huge portion of his works on paper in Houston, Sept. 3rd at Rudyards (free concert!), to inaugurate the holiday weekend, Sept 11th in San Antonio at Nightrocker, and Oct. 9th at Hole in the Wall in Austin. The shows will also feature a record release party for the Texas Biscuit Bombs, whose record with Biscuit (studio and live tracks) was released in May in Lyon, France.  Some of the concerts will also highlight old Biscuit cohorts, including members of the Mydolls, Hates, Hickoids, and Really Red, who will appear on stage together, along with a smattering of fine Texas rockers like Zipperneck, Born Liars, and Kimonos. We hope you can join us for the live action, the museum-of-the-streets art, and memory sharing about the sly saboteur of colorful chaos — Biscuit!


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